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The Loh Down on Science

Carriage Agreement

Thanks for airing The Loh Down on Science. Together we will raise the public's science IQ by a few points!


Stations wishing to air The Loh Down on Science:


1. Must carry the program in its entirety including the sponsor tag line.

2. Must not modify the program in any way.

3. Must not archive the program on their Web site. It is archived at http://www.scpr.org/programs/loh-down-on-science and eventually will also be available on this site. Websites and stations may link to those archived programs.


By filling out the information below, you agree to the above requirements.

If you select "FTP" as your preferred distribution method, we will send you the login information for the portal once we have your contact information.

FTP Password Update

As of November 1, 2012, our FTP site has a new password. It is the same as the old password, but has the number 2 inserted in front of (before) the exclamation point. If you have further problems, please email us at info@ldosmedialab.org.

Thank you.